Hey, nice to meet you.
Do you want to know more about me?
I'm a 23 years old girl based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Currently I'm working as a UX & UI design at Sioux Group.

I'm passionate about art, animation, music industry, games, digital design, and I try to apply this passion in everything I do.

Working as a designer had teach me a lot of things, but mainly, how to deal with people and users, the methodologies that make our work life easier (Lean Design, Scrum, Design Sprint, and more), but the most important of all, it is how experience design is the new business in our modern world. So, my motto is:

I worked in projects for clients like Banco Safra, Mastercard, Santander, Telefônica, Tegra, Tesouro Direto, Grow Games, Estrela and a lot more. I made apps, websites, games, journey maps, heuristic analysis, user research, usability test and gamification platforms. 

Feel free to start a chat with me If you would like to know more. 
I'm eager to receive your contact.  ;)

I'm the girl who always brings the post-it to the room. ;)

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